My wonderful family ^^

What I'm going to write today???
Since yesterday someone told me want see my mum's photo...
I realize that I never write bout my family's details here and never post a photo here......
So today I'm going to expose my family's members here...
Yeah~let's go to one by one....

My mum and me(celebrating her birthday in Kbox 2 years ago....)

~My mum~
A very sexy and hot lady always….
good in ‘packaging’ herself…but actually is still an aunty…hahaha~
Seriously, she is a very thoughtful person and carry mum for me….
she’s the one who always take care of me and give me the freedom to choose whatever I like… She give me so many freedom than that others friend’s mum doesn’t give….
She is a very open-minded person but at the same time she still doing traditional custom.
She is open-minded because she is not a strict person and always thinks of her children side….
She never force us to do things that we didn’t like at least the things bring benefits to us.
She is also a very strong person since she had so many hard life before
but she never gave up and brought us growth with her single hand…
She is a lower educated person but she’ll be proud that she had successfully taught her children become a good person(at least no sins happen or even smoking and drinking habits in our family).

I feel very lucky because I have a mum like this….
She is always a wonderful and super woman in my life!!!
And I can say that she is the only one I care so much and she is the top one in my deep heart.What else to say as I love my mum so much….

I cant get his photo so I steal in his facebook....
hahaha~(wearing jeft's glasses for wat?)
~My eldest brother~(Jack plus me can form a company--jack&jill~XD)
He is a very carry person also as he took over the burden of the family
since he is the eldest man in the family.
He is a humor person and always makes fun with us.
He is bit handsome as I always proud that to have a handsome brother….hahaha~
but he is very lazy because our whole family know that he is hardly to wake up once he sleep,
at least he wake up himself.
He is the brother who treat me good
and treat me as a sister rather than my elder(2nd) brother…
he is clever but he had missed up the chance to study.
He seldom back to Malaysia as he is working at Singapore
and I’ll will be very happy if he is come back especially during Chinese new year.
I like the feeling with all the family’s member together.
He is the greatest brother in the world for me....
We hardly to take photo together and forget when we took this photo...
~My elder brother~(Jeft)
A very emotional person and always think that he is clever(he always say me stupid =.=).
He can talk many and communicate well as he in a very good mood;
he can never talk and show his numb and moody face as he in a very bad mood.
That is what I experience always
and we very clear that what we can do or not to do by looking on his face.
He can treat his friends very good but not his family.
He is not good enough being a brother or son but he still concern bout family a lots.
He is good in ‘packaging’ and make up himself also
as he is a graphic designer and must have some fashion sense.
He’s is the one influence me a lots
because he is the one who always stay with me rather than my sister and eldest brother.
I follow him a lots no matter in fashion sense,
acting bit alike and crazily to original things like CDs and DVDs
(he always company me to buy original CD with him~T.T)….
But he is really a good brother also when he is in good mood la~XD
My sister and my mum during her wedding~
(hardly to get her photo also>.<)
~My sister~(shin)
A very stubborn person who always wants everyone to follow what she likes.
She did this since I was young. She makes me have a painful life during my childhood.
She the one who always bully me and ask me do this do that.
She never follows and thinks bout others feeling but doing whatever she likes.
Luckily she was married so fast and I can have a freedom life after form 3….
yeah~ no wonder,she had bit change after she get married…
she treat me not as bad as last time and
maybe I’m no more a child but an adult can fight back my truth.
By the way, she was the big financial supporter for me to study at HELP….
really thanks for her….
Now she has a great family which are a carry husband and a cute son.

This 'sui zai' really naughty ya~

~Kang Kang~
He is cute right?
but never let his cute face to cheat you~
he is a very very naughty little guy~
He is my sister’s son. Always act like an adult but actually just a little and small guy…
Hahaha~he is funny and always bully me~(same like his mum~T.T)
I cant fight back this time as he is just a child….(wat da?)
He is the king of our family because we all scare when he cry out loud.
We always make him in a good mood after he had his meal because he will vomit if he in bad mood.
Is very weird~but that is what he doing and we all out of idea and force to act happy with him~=.=
But he is really cute when he in good mood.
Situation changes to worst when he in bad mood and never try to touch him…XD

My little and happy family~

This is the whole
And this is my wonderful family I ever had.
I would be very strict to people that said badly towards my family
because they are parts of my life and I have the responsibility to protect them.
I love you all and thanks being parts of my family
I’m blessing that I have a family like this…yeah!

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violet blue 提到...

wa... really in details wo.. ya la v rarely write about family one. i think it sounds strange to express family love.. u know, jus strange la.. but very good to see those photos. really happy wo!!!

Jill 提到...

I knw is strange...
but I never hiding the love to my family in front of my friends...
but not my family...because I do believe they know me...

This photo represent our family's love...I do keep it as my vital property...
why dont u write one so?
haha~but u r the one who seldom talk bout that...hope to c ur post bout that lei~