"If I could live one more day in life" - continue...TO BE HAPPY

Ever since Facebook has this function "On this Day" to look back and refresh what I've posted on this particular day - years ago. 
I really look back on it - like literally everyday, to see how stupid I was and what I've done years ago, well that's was my growing up process.. Still, I'm growing and learning from the past. 
But other than Facebook, now that I'm back to blog, I always look at what I've blogged about too.

5 years ago, today, I posted a title "If you could live on more day in life"
I wrote that after I read a blog by a young girl who was suffering from cancer. 
I believe she has passed away since her blog has stopped updating..
I'm not too sure but I believe she did fought hard until the very last second of her life. 
And her story, did last..And able to encourage some of the people (at least me at that point of time) who is suffering from their daily lives. 

It's heartache to write this..
 Even I don't really know her, and I'm just a stranger. 
But I still remember how heartache I was to wrote about that post, that a young bright girl has gone through so much pain in her life, yet she is so encouraging, wise and thoughtful. 
Now that she's gone...
"What if I could live one more day in my life?"
My thought would be the same as 5 years ago - "appreciate the time that I have now. Doing things that I think I should do, and things that I like to do, as there is no tomorrow for me"
Now that I would add on "DO WHAT I SHOULD AND BE HAPPY."
BE HAPPY is the key, and my goal in life. 
It sounds simple yet it's so hard to achieve. 
When we will never satisfy for what we are having now.
I just hope that I'm able to remind myself "To stay SIMPLE"
Try not to compare, for everything that others have but you don't. 
Try not to jealous, for everything that others have achieved but you don't.
Try not to hate, and always remember and prepare to forgive, to anyone who has hurt you or trying to hurt you. 
Always be loving and spread the love, that's how I can contribute to this world :)