16th July 2015 throwback on feelings

"Just like the old days 
We are so laid back without worrying much about what's exactly happening around.."
Missed those days
But we will never get back.
Sometimes I just like to look back what I've wrote for my past. It's stupid, it's fun but I felt lucky I wrote. 
I might don't really remember what I've wrote, what was the feeling.. But the past blogposts can at least remind me a bit of it. The bits and pieces of the memories. Where I grown up from. What is exactly happened to make the "me" today. 

But when growing up, we have less time to reflect what we've done. 
For most of the time, we live in the moment and most of the feelings we don't think it's important to record down anymore. 
So the feeling we forgo, memories fade, and nothing left to be remembered as an adult. 

That's sad. There's gloomy days. 
Living in the adulthood, there are so much pain.
We need to learn to endure, to see through and finally gone through it. 

It's life. And it's just another day I wanna say something to kind of reflect who I am today. 

15 July 2015