Got my first permanent job after degree!!

Now that the new stage of life is just begin.
Finally I found my job as a recruitment consultant, will be working in a small company but it might be alright for me as fresh starter.
So last week I had passed this CEI test where every recruitment agent should have take before they working in a recruitment firm.
Not really hard as long as you have get your reading and well-prepared.

So this week while waiting for my working permit to be ready,
I get myself to visit to some places and try to get used with transport system and life here.

Above were two new artworkd done by talented street artist Ernest Zacharevic at Victoria Street, Singapore. 
His painting was so famous back in Malaysia, but here, 
not too sure it's still new or people here are just too busy, 
I can see nobody really care much on beautiful artwork like this. 
Busy city huh?
I did feel very awkward and outstanding when taking the photo around there alone.

So today I went another famous tourist point- Clarke Quay.
There are boats available for the tourist to travel around some hotspot in Singapore. 
3-4dollar one way, consider quite cheap.
I had my short breathtaking view and enjoy the strong wind there.
*i felt i am so much like a tourist xD*

Job had been settled and should be no problem to start work next week.
But now another problem comes: Permanent accomodation.
Couldnt stay at my cousin there due to some reason and I need to find a room myself to move out.
Still viewing some of the rooms here as the rental is way too expensive!

Hope could settle this problem as soon as possible in coming days or week!
More updates from work hopefully will be up next week :)