New chapter - Job seeking period

When the moment I finished my degree, 
I reliazed, here its where I should start my new chapter of life.
While working at KL or Singapore its both of my choice before,
I am so eager to go Singapore to seek my new challenge in life.
Everything is so new to me..
New environment, new transport system, fast-pace life...
Its all so challenging for me.
Reminding me the first day I went KL study and have my new life alone there.
It is so awful that time when I was getting away from home for the first time.

Likewise, I tried to learn patiently about everything here.
I am very dependable on the mrt map and luckily those apps and online websites are useful too.
Not to forget to thank my cousin for giving a place for me to stay for a short while, and my brothers and sister in law have helping me so much in bringing me for dinner and lunch sometimes.
Comparing to days before, or even others who are seeking job here,
I am lucky enough.
I am lucky enough to have so many relatives to rely on.
I am lucky enough to gain so much help from them.
Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

I got my third job interview today during my seventh day here.
Everything so far going smooth, yet needed to wait for the call whether I am shortlisted as the candidate for second interview.
It's just one week here but I felt so tired and discourage to find job over and over again.
However, things like this which always trying to hit me down, had make me to stay strong and be persistent everytime.
It is just the begining, I believe, the road will be getting tougher and I need to accept whatever challenges ahead! :)