It's been a long period of time...

It's been quite a while (around 4 months) I didn't updated my blog..
Perhaps people think it's been a death blog long time ago..
Not really know how to start about but I hope I could restart my blogging habit..
Life now a bit bored as I am finally 'unofficially' graduated from my degree.
By getting a degree, means life started to be all on my own.
But this 'job hunting' period is killing me because I still need to depend on my family while waiting for the call from employers..
Please, just give me a chance.
At least a opportunity for job interview to prove to you that I am good before you judge me by looking at my non-speaking paper.
I knew getting into this new working world is really hard for everyone, but at least when working by my own, it's getting nearer to my future plans and dreams.
Working life is unavoidable for everyone unless you have plenty of money that you wouldn't need to work at all.
Seriously waiting for a job is really awful and the moment of unknown future is really scary.
Perhaps I need to enjoy life now before I getting into tiring working life.
Be prepared myself before any job interview by brushing up my writing skill may be a good choice as well.

To be continue...  :)