If I were a sunny doll

It’s been a while and I found it’s really hard for me to put something down easily. Especially something that had influence my mood. Mood swinging around and I become lost control, for sometimes, but recently, quite frequent.

Sometimes I just confuse about life. To please others or to please myself? Yes. Many said, of course we must live to please ourselves! Just be yourself. In fact, did you? or… can you? Can you live selfishly just to please yourself without caring for others? Frankly, life is not just about you. It’s always about you…and others. Of course we could not please everyone in life. For sometimes, we failed. We failed to please some and we might feel tired to please others in life, at certain point of time. Contradiction comes in play. At first we think, why we want to please others always when we are not feeling to or forced to? But we do actually care what may happened to others, because we just care-on-the-person-that-we-care-about. Just because we care, it may hurt, when comes to disappointment or we failed to please them. Not trying to evoke any sad or emotional post for today, it’s just a piece of thought from me today.



But I will try my best to make you smile Smile

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♥ Clara 提到...

Although I'd said this to Kin Fong, but I guess I have to say this to you too.

You'll always have my support, you know that :)

Same words, but that's my feeling for you.