Great weekend

It’s a concert year? I’ve been watching two concert in two months. Lucky me. One with plan, one without plan. And both concert are same AWESOME~! I cant really compare Avril with Leehom because one rock star one pop star. They have their ways in attracting their fans to stand on their fence. And I’m stand on my own fence. It’s been a relaxing week without assignment due dates or exam. But people said it’s always quiet and looks calm before the rain storm comes. I do believe that. Because I will be damn busy two weeks later until the end of this semester. And I will be going to Year 3. O.M.G, I cant believe that! And yes I am old >.<

Let’s have a look on the photo. A picture is worth a thousand words.


Saturday night: Leehom’s concert


Thank you my friend stephy woo called me out many times when I was sleeping and get me this free ticket XD


Sunday: Sungai Congkak one day trip.


With awesome people.


Happy and lovely weekend  Red heart