Past few weeks back to 2011

Was disappeared on blog for quite a long time due to some activities and events that had planned during my finals. Immediately after my finals,

  • I had my crazy night at Mist club for my friend’s birthday
  • Another day, I taking a long journey bus for vacation at Cameron Highland with two of my secondary besties.
  • And I went back KL after 3 days relaxing Christmas vacation in cold whether, then from KL, I go to Junjong, Kedah with my COS family.
  • From Kedah, I spent half day with my friends and makan at Penang.
  • But finally, I ought to back to Ipoh before 2012 and countdown with my old school friends.

Travelled a lot and I am so tired~! Seem a busy and packed holiday for me this sembreak. Anyway, it is kind of sad that I can blog here because I had back KL. There will be a stageplay coming next week.

Below are the photo that had taken during all the events and activities.

  • Attended an international debate as one of the committee336758_10150561992756393_611841392_11067343_1885304209_o (1)
  • Went for a very ‘red and hot’ concert393561_2541548231295_1631387027_2319817_1284822106_n
  • Attended my eldest brother’s wedding 402760_2565231943373_1631387027_2330356_911215335_n
  • Spend my Christmas at Cameron Highland384761_2680623829327_1668245213_2529442_201038178_n
  • Countdown with my friends at Ipoh

Feel to talk about 2011 even now already 3rd Jan 2012. Sorry I am still not getting used to it.
For the past 2011, I had did a lot of crazy did, mostly crazy, now I realized.

About earning money
1. I never think of being in a direct sales. I do hate it at last, I found out. I am not really a business kind of person and yes I am a stupid when comes to money. But I still thinking I am lucky because I still got my lovely friends and family being there to support me.
2. In 2011, I worked out a lot on finding ways to earn money, sometimes, in a way that I did not like. I hate myself that cant stay in something for a longer period. I am a hot tempered person when comes to things that I did not enjoy.
3. At last, I still earning money in a stupid way, but I enjoyed it.

About friends
1. I found out some people are just that important but sometimes it’s just okay to live like that without them, anyone. It’s okay for me to be alone sometimes, but I still need friends.
2. I get to used to find alternative ways to make myself happy when I felt sad and disappointed about friends.
3. I realized I can treat a true friend very nice, but he or she must be nice to me first. I like reciprocal relationship.
4. At last, I realized even sometimes I can put a heart to a friend but he or she not necessary did. Never mind, I will know it.

About family
1. Still, the most important element in my life.
2. I felt hurt when someone in the family trying to lie or hide something behind you, even it’s for my own good.
3. I felt hurt and disappointed when someone you really admire and respect did something to hurt the family.
4. Even how much I trying to hate you and can never forgive what you did, I still love you because you are my dearest family.

About life
1. I had think more about meaning in life. Someone I admired said,” there are always something meaningless in life, but we still need to live through it.” So, just live through it.
2. I’m still a very optimistic person because I can ignore anything that is bad to me. I can say ‘never mind’, because for me, I just need to get through my life in that way.
3. I cant say I know everything about life, but I do understand what kind of life I wanted to have.

That’s all I can blog about for today and talk about my new year resolution tomorrow. Smile