The box

Just feel to evoke something very meaningful and quite true from Dr.Hera—our Biopsychology lecturer.

She said, when the animal fight for their food or kill others animal for food, we will think it is normal. But when comes to human, if we kill somebody because we want something from he/she, we are wrong.

Legally speaking, if you talk to a lawyer, the answer will be: “Because we are human being, we have rules and regulation and so called LAW to restraint our behaviors.” Agree. To certain extend. But as a psychology student, we will tend to argue just between MORAL vs. Justices.

Did not try to argue on this statement, but I was interesting to point out something very important but we always taken for granted—THE MINDSET.

We are quite a very special creature that thinks we are so special and different, especially from other ‘species’, but dint we all are animal for god sake? We think that we are so special just because we had that brain that enable ‘thinking’. But who says and judge that animal did not had a brain to think at all? To certain extend, they think too, and maybe in our world they were so stupid than us, but it might, I mean in their world, the one in front of them (the human) is just a fool. Just because they did not speak, they did not express themselves, we judge them, we put them into category, we did everything and put into a ‘box’, and this is what I called the “Mindset”.

A mindset I want to define here is the box( yes I meant a box, which is small enough to keep yourself inside), that we always want to keep something in ourselves, our life, some principles, some rules, some judgment, anything that we think that is right, and that, is our very magnificent HUMAN MIND.

Interesting didn’t we? We all own a box. Inside the box we know what we kept, it’s either we open it, to let more things to go in, or close it, it is your own choice. But I will say, I would like to borrow the closed box from others, slowly open it and get something from it, didn’t it make life more easy?More interesting?


Grasp yourself a moment. To.think.out.of.the.box.