Say ‘hello’ to ‘goodbye’

I’m a person who like to fly, but I know I can’t fly.

Just like I want my freedom so much.

I always want to grab it.

And it is not far away from me.


there are always things to keep me down.

To keep me in a cage.

Chained my legs and so I can’t fly.

There are always things that we don’t want it to be happened, it happened.

There are always something called “out of expectation” or “unknown” that we do not want to face.

There are sometimes, it is just that cruel, we need to face it all.

As such, “to-say-a-goodbye”.

Simple phrase, easy to say it out, but hardly to get let it down.

It is just another ordinary day, an ordinary mid-night, with an extra-ordinary mood, “The other day which need to-say-goodbye”.