Searching for a way out

I do not know what I was doing recently. Feel kind of lost. Lost in everything and don’t know what I was or am doing for. A little bit depressed especially receiving stress from everywhere…No matter family,study,work or even friends. Maybe this is the time, a testing time in my life. Testing for my patient, my attitude, my persistency, and I know I must be strong enough to encounter all these tests. No one is perfect enough to perform The Best in all these tests. Perhaps I know that I would not be have high score in all of it. Maybe I just need a pass for it.

Human is really an incredible being. There are such a lot of things we need to deal with everyday, but still we able to cope with it and no matter how, we must have a way for it. Life, it is such a short term, but carry lots of meaning. We will never know what stage you are going into next. Like my stage, people said it’s young adulthood, I say it was a mixture of stages in life, or can I say it is undefined? And this is my life, even I am not so clear about what I am doing now, but I know what I am going to do.

Friends always say I was thinking too much. “yes I am.But who can did it as every seconds your brain would not stop working as you alive.”

Friends always tell me to take it easy. “could you do so?”

Yes. How much I wish I could stop thinking and planning for every step that I walked through? IF life isn’t all about gambling. IF we can put on our life and guarantee for winning. And IF we can really control OUR LIFE. And this is not the first day of our lesson, we should learn from that. Is that all I want to complaining about my life? I am not complaining actually. I just want to make myself clear that no matter how things going on, how good or bad it is, I still need to make a step forward because this is where the life process going on. Chill and I will be alright Winking smile