Grateful for every second you breath

It’s since a week I din update my blog. And actually I have the time to write once or twice in a week, but sometimes I just no mood to do it. Feel so want to speak out something or throw out something to someone, or perhaps in the blog, but I failed. Failed as in too many things to concern and taking care, not only personal feeling, but I do care other peoples’ feeling too. Whenever I want to say something bad, I will think twice. So, you cant really blame me for not writing for one whole week because I really have this motivation to blog, but every time will end up with save in draft or delete everything that I have wrote.

Lucky that I still have mum with me. She will just support me whenever I feel so down and need some spiritual guidance. She will not decide or lead me to the right track, but let me get into my road on my own. I do appreciate this kind of parenting. Without any stress, and at least not decisive or pampering me just like a kid. And today is father’s day. I called mum and told her “Happy Father’s day!” She laughed and said “So lui~because I am both father and mother right?” Yes, you are. Since when you took both this responsibilities on you? And there is nothing more I could say to replace your love. And thanks for everything.

Can be a thoughtful human being is not a chance, but with your love, I made it.

“Happy Father’s day” Grateful to every parents that brought up the children. I just want to put my special thanks for my mum =)