Hate troublesome

Went to settle the things that I want to settle "YEARs" ago....
Was managed to settle it but face many failures >.<
It was so tiring because the process is complicated and f***ing troublesome!

1st destination- Maxis center
Go for: exchange my main line to subline; my mum's subline to main line.
Reason of Failure: under one year contract and cannot do anything with it....(wt.....)

2nd destination: Digi center
Go for: change my uncle's plan to digi campus
Reason of Failure: My uncle was so tiring to listen those complicated process (=.=''')

3rd destination : TM point
Go for: exchange my streamyx plan to combo plan
Reason of failure: My brother who is the original applier is not here and the process is damn complicated!!!!terminated this,cut this,redo that.....(WTF.....)

4th destination-Maybank
Go for: change my minor Maybank card to debit & adult card
Finally I get it successfully. The one and only one thing success today. The process is a bit longer but finally I'm not using those minor card which can only withdrawn RM500 per day but more than that =D

I really not like to go to such places like this(manage/change this that). Firstly, I need to wait for 'years' time to get them to process. Secondly, I paid them but I get sucks service. Thirdly, there are so many hidden and unclear requirement I need to coordinate with.
Of coz everything and every services need us to coorporate with, but why we must pay so much but did not get the service that can satisfy us?Seriously I really "BEH SONG" with those "EMO face" when they serve me. Cant you like give a kindly smile when you serve people?This is the most basic manner and respect to the customers. F*** off!!!!


Last exam on Saturday~I'm still not in study mood!!!>.<