Crazy birthday celebration night

A party time for us to crazy again......
Soong invited us to celebrate her birthday(at 10th Nov) earlier.....
She said dont wan to miss out the day to celebrate with us....
rather to celebrate on the real date....
She choose to celebrate it early~
She such a good friend for us =)

We celebrated it at BREEZE CAFE~
A place where give you a comfortable feel~
Looks like a bar but less than a bar~
We have booked a K room which only available for more than 10 people....
And there only has one room and quite small actually~
Though, we have a whale of time there~

Took many photo again~
which I have post it at facebook~
[guys u can grab there~BUT ONLY AVAILABLE FOR FRIENDS~]
Soong is so gorgeous that night~~~[haha~take it~~xp]
Just finish posting and tag everyone~
So tired for tagging everyone small small face in a photo~
But still~I done it~^^

It is already a treasure moment with you all~
Even maybe I wouldnt back for my birthday~
I assumed I already have celebrated it yesterday~
A feeling really cant explain~
I really happy with it and have a very good time with you all~
Thanks everyone especially the birthday star Meiyan~

We went to bar room after that~
Seems got halloween night ongoing there~
As too many people there already~
We bit "beh song" and the crowd really @.@
The first time go there just for fun and "give face" to the birthday girl~
But seriously, I really dont like it....
As smoke and crowd there....
make me so uncomfortable~
Hate it as the smell still remained though when we gone!!!!

We waste like 10-15 minutes to go inside~
And not more than 20minutes....
We waste 10-15 go out from the crowd....
Though, we planned to back my house and gather again~
The birthday girl with her collegues left there~
They having so much fun I think~

We chit chat and drink again~~~
Chew is completely high and "exploded" many secrets to us~
All gone bout 2.30 in the morning~
I straight go to sleep with half conscious....xp