I'm awesome,guys!

I do my assignment til late nite bout 2am this morning!
This was my 1st time lei~
At least give me a clap la~plz~

Although is not so 'geng' for others who has usual sleep very late....
but for me is awesome edi...
The moment you finished it
U were really damn happy
and u can just go ahead to your sweet dream without wondering anything....

But actually I want done it so stubbornly...
Although it was not a rush assignment
it only need at Thursday....
But I told myself
"I muz finish it!by today!"
Since it still want to pass up one day...
why dont I finish it now?
Then I have time to study other subject and prepare for the quizzes next week...

I just finished it....
And I did it!
Is awesome!
For myself~

p/s:For sure I will have a quiz next week...Thursday arr.....alamak~haven touch it at all!Is just
5 marks!!!Why muz we study for many for it????Just always dreaming bout the day
when WE at kampar.....fast fast come la~~KAMPAR~Im comin'~~~^^

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