Tagged by Christopher(understand more about me)

There is so so many question~and this is also the first time i write so many english in my blog~XD....hope you see it(espacially Christopher who tagged me~)

If You could spent one ringgit in 5 minutes ,What would You spend on??
1 ringgit?I dunno I can do what wor~haha~just kidding~can buy RM1.00 de mentos~

What is Your most favourite things to do??
listen music,watching tv(especially the hong kong drama~haha~),on9,chit-chat

What kind of news do You read??
wat new also ok ar~a bit ba gua la(just like a 八婆仔,we like to call each other in school like that~wakaka~)well,entertainment is the first~then I will read all~social,politics....

What would You give up in return to eat all you want in the world and not get fat?
no idea with this wor~I will not give up the thing to eat de wor~I dun eat becoz wan to save money~but not dun buy thing to eat~hehe~

Is there someone in Your heart right now?
my family,my friends....all in my heart~XD

Do You believe You can survive without money??
I hope that also~but it is impossible in the real life...

What are you afraid to lose the most??
All people in my heart de lo~

What do You feel like doing right now?
wanna sleep~boring~(Always feel sleepy~zzz)

If there's someone that You love,would You confess him/her?
I dunno~I'm a shy girl~(-.-)

List out 3 good points of the person who tagged You ?
nice,friendly,good in communication...(wan good point...so forced to....haha~just kidding~)

What are the requirement that You wish from the other half?
A Gentlemen,not only love me,care me but also my family~

What is the thing will make you think he/she is bad?
Rude,Brutal,cheat me,and not respect me & my family!

If You had to eat one thing for rest of Your life , what would it be?
although fast food is my favourite....but is not good for health wor~so I would like to choose watever one thing that make by my mother~(but I will extremely boring with it!)

If You have a choice to be rich or happy, which one would You choose?
happy absolutely~my 宗旨~

If You have a chance,which part of Your character You would like to change?
Lazy the most~and not scare to present in front of the stage~I will so nervous whenever in front of the unknow ppl~

Which is the person You can share all Your problem with?
My mum,friends~(not all problems can solve by one person only~)

How do You see Yourself In 10 years time?
Dunno~extremely change or still like that gua~but must be mature and wiser~

What is the one thing You love about Yourself?
Have the character of sagittarus~(乐观-dunno what in english~)

If You can only bring one thing along with You to another world, what would it be??
1 Thing ar?people can arr?if really wan,I wan my pc along~can connect to this world also~not be boring~

I want to tag:
Who read all this~and Whatever friends wan me to understand them or wan to understand urself~leo, janice,hope you two answer me la~